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Jamie Starke

I develop for my career, but I also develop for fun, and whenever I think it can solve a problem I'm having. This has lead me to create side projects, such as Rental Map and BusTimes, among others.

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Whisky Oriented Development - Victoria’s Programmers’ Whisky Society

The original idea for Whisky Oriented Development came about in the aftermath of a few of the other organizers failing to get tickets to Whiskyfest, and jokingly suggesting that they should start their own Whisky society. From that initial spark, Whisky Oriented Development was born.

The main focus of Whisky Oriented Development is not actually drinking. Rather it’s about different technical people and giving them a place to share their passions, though discuss their projects, technologies, and anything else.

As one of the organizers, I am primarily responsible for leading our social media and marketing efforts. These are available though our Website, Twitter account, Facebook page, Google Plus page, and Mailing list.