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Jamie Starke

I develop for my career, but I also develop for fun, and whenever I think it can solve a problem I'm having. This has lead me to create side projects, such as Rental Map and BusTimes, among others.

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Tavolo is a tabletop application for conferences. This application was developed for the Microsoft Surface using the WPF Framework.

Sharing digital information is an extremely common activity and is something that plays a part in many people’s daily lifestyle. This digital information is commonly shared using email attachments, USB drives, online repositories, and so on. These activities are also very common when attending conferences. Often at conferences, there is a common lobby area that contains many round tables where participants of the conference can gather around and communicate. These discussions are often about people’s thoughts and ideas about a certain subject, showing off a members piece of work, or sharing contact information. With this in mind, we have developed an application that easily allows participants of a conference to share digital information on a digital tabletop. This application allows multiple participants to use collaborative efforts to discuss, annotate, and share digital information about a topic of interest.

This application was created by Chris Luce, Jamie Starke, Shahedul Khandkar, and S. M. Sohan at the University of Calgary.

Tavolo was created on the Microsoft Surface.