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Over the past few years, I’ve become increasingly interested in meeting new people, getting exposed to new ideas and networking. I’ve attended the Victoria Google Developers Group to learn about all kinds of new and interesting Google based technologies, including Android. I’ve went to the Vancouver Island Java Users Group and learned about all kinds of interesting technologies around the JVM. I’ve even gone to OpenDataBC meetups, learned about interesting uses of Open Data, and even showed off a few of my own.

There is one group I haven’t found though.

I spend a large amount of my time writing JavaScript both at work, and in my free time. This is something that I know a fair amount about, but I’d love to network with other people, and maybe exchange a few tricks. There is one problem though. There doesn’t seem to be a Victoria JavaScript community. I’d like to change that.

If you would be interested in networking with other JavaScript developers, drop a comment below, and tell me what kind of meetups you’d be interested in: Show and Tell about your projects, Open Question Answer sessions, Social meetups over some beers, a combination, or something else entirely. Let me know, tell your colleagues, and I’ll try to take it from there.


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  1. Jeffery Grajkowski

    I work with Jamie and I pushed him a bit to try to make this happen. I hear the most about people’s experiences within the company and I’d like to hear what other people are doing while meeting people.

  2. Graham Baradoy

    I would participate for sure. I’ll spread the word around.

  3. Nathanael Kuipers

    I use Javascript in my work with QtQuick, which includes a Javascript-based declarative language called QML. I don’t think I know enough about Javascript, per se, to make a significant contribution to such a group, but I’m happy to “lurk” and learn what people are doing with it.

    One of the fun things we used to do back in my PerlMonk days was bring code to meetings for people to pore over, tear apart, discuss, and put back together so that it was clearer, or optimized, or best-practice, or (being Perl) more condensed/obfuscated. Very informative, and fun!

  4. Matthew Davidson

    We’re starting a NodeJS meetup. First Meetup is at the end of January at the Fernwood Inn.


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