Find the time of your next bus, fast! – BusTimes

BusTimes.ca is a Web-based application for mobile devices, designed to help answer the question of “When is the next bus?”

BusTimes.ca utilizes the geolocation functionality of your mobile device to locate the nearest bus stop, and provide you with upcoming bus stop times for that stop.  If the stop is incorrect, you can easily select other bus stops using a map through the ‘Nearby Stops’.

Currently it works for BCTransit locations, including Victoria, Whistler, Kelowna, and Squamish, but I am interested in expanding the system to work for other areas. If you’d like to see it in your area, be sure to let me know.

Try it out at BusTimes.JamieStarke.com


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  1. Sohan

    Nice work Jamie. Wish I could use it in Calgary.

  2. Aras

    This is an awesome concept and much better approach than any existing bus finding applications I have seen. Obviously, you have thought this through from the user perspecrive. It seems that you are on a roll, nicely done Jamie!

  3. Jamie Starke

    Thanks Aras and Sohan. I will keep Calgary in mind, as with a little effort it could work there also.

  4. Jorge Aranda

    Great stuff, Jamie. Thanks!

    One small suggestion: to give the page an icon so that iPhone users saving a bookmark in their homescreens see something nice.

    Any chance to make this a community effort? Is your code publicly available?

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