Victoria Rental Map / Breeze


Victoria Rental Map is a Web-based visualization that shows apartments for rent in Victoria, in relation to bus routes to the University of Victoria.  The idea behind this was to allow renters to make more informed decisions about where they live, which the goal to make it easier to go to and from UVic.

This work was done in collaboration with Lars Grammel.

This tool is available on the web now at victoria.rentalmap.jamiestarke.com, and the source code for the user interface, Breeze, is available on GitHub.



  1. Kazem

    Jamie: This is a cool application as there is a real need for it. I’m just wondering if you guys had chance to check padmapper website:


    1. Jamie Starke

      Kazem: Ya, I saw padmapper, it is definitely a cool tool, but I see them as fitting into different spaces.

      Padmapper works with general purpose listing services that are more world wide.

      RentalMap is designed on a more local scale to provide more relevant local listings.

      If you’d like to discuss any of this over a coffee, let me know :)

  2. Enock

    Am yet to develop more-less of the the same project for my school work.
    Can you me some insight on how you worked on this.

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